NIKÉ TV production – Martin Slunečko (english)

Welcome on pages of scriptwriting and production company “NikeTV Production”. Since 1992 the Company has been specialising in production of audiovisual programmes, mainly in TV format.

“NIKE TV Production” produces mainly environmental, social and lifestyle projects, but also educational entertainment. Medium lengths documentaries, focusing on important figures of the Czech artistic scene that became well-known outside the
country’s borders, form a vital part of the Company’s production. And last but not least there are commercial projects, advertisements, promotional material and documentaries that promote unique face of Czech countryside and architecture.

“NIKE TV Production” co-produced more than 150 programmes with Czech Television and it produced tens of programmes in English and German for foreign distributors. Miloslav Smidmajer, Helena Trestikova, Tomas Skrdlant and other prominent
document makers have been involved in a number of NIKE TV Production projects.