Breathless Angels

A documentary from the TV series about drug addiction When you need a fix, you need a fix.

A hard to believe story about a young man who is given a ten year prison sentence for supplying hard drugs. The documentary is a testimony about society’s inconsistent and often unjust approach to dealing with hard drug addiction. The film’s aim is to help root out the myths that have long been held by a large, uninformed section of society: people who have succumbed to drugs are criminals, it is their own fault and they should be isolated from the rest of society, it does not concern me and my family as my children are sensible and well brought up, only society dropouts and children from broken homes are vulnerable to drugs; any brush with drugs is a personal tragedy that predetermines life of drug addition….. (28 min)

Idea, script and directed by: Martin Slunecko
© Martin Slunecko – NIKE TV Production & Czech TV 2003