The world of Erazim Kohak

A documentary about a prominent Czech philosopher who returned back to his motherland after 44 year exile in the USA. The documentary captures the last months of his work at the Boston University, USA, it shows his self-built log cabin in a
forest of New Hampshire and his life back in Prague on the South Town housing estate. The theme of the film is one of his lectures that professor Kohak gave to the “Society of Eternal Life” in 1994. The documentary is a glance at his scientific and
teaching career, look at the basic human values and it also gives some answers as to how to safeguard the environment (Czech and English version)

Idea, script and directed by: Martin Slunečko.
© MŽP ČR 1996
Broadcasted by Czech TV in 1996, 1998

Viewers’ Prize at “TSTTT” Festival in Uherske Hradiste 1996

Award for best script at the International EKOFILM Festival 1997