Ever charming and beautiful Kveta Fialova

A documentary about Kveta Fialova’s life journey, family, theatre and lifestyle. The actress, thanks to her Buddhism faith, was able to come to terms with her old age, illnesses and other obstacles that the fate has put before her. Every year
Kveta Fialova returns to the small house in the Low Tatra mountains, where her mother used to live and where she converted her daughter to her faith. It is a film testimony about unpleasant experiences and circumstances in her youth that changed her
relationship towards men…. Despite everything, charmed by the surrounding nature, animals and people, she regards old age as a happy chapter of her life (38 mins).

Idea, scrip and directed by: Martin Slunečko
© Czech TV and Martin Slunečko – NIKÉ TV Production 2000, broadcasted by Czech TV on 1.1. 2 000 and 26.12. 2000