When you need a fix, you need a fix

A ten-part series about drug addiction.

A series of artistic documentaries that brings fresh views on the Czech drug scene and its social, health, psychological, judicial and criminal context. This idea was conceived by film makers Tomas Skrdland and Martin Slunecko. They combined forces with other authors and produced a film that is suited both for TV format and for primary drug prevention programmes. The film was used by “Man in distress” Company in their project “Schools’ One World”. The makers of the film are: Helena Třeštíková, Tomáš Škrdlant, Robert Sedláček, Martin Slunečko, Jan Šikl, Martin Štoll a Tomáš Třeštík.

Using one or several storylines, the series enables the viewer to discover something new. The composition of the series provides in-dept analysis and variety of opinions on different subjects with which the viewer would not normally meet in his everyday life. During filming, the film makers own points of view were challenged by the experts and although this is not seen on the screen, the final product reflects this.

For copies please contact secretariat of Governmental Advisory Centre for co-ordination of anti drug policy.
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