Shades of Vladimir Preclik’s Soul

A documentary about one of the Czech cult sculptors – Vladimir Preclik – who becomes a guide through the world of space, colour and mystical statues. With his typical sense of self irony and detached view, he guides the viewer through the building blocks of his work – statues made of stone, wood and iron. He takes the viewer to the places that formed his artistic development and had a great impact on his life.

One such place is an open-air gallery on“St. Gotthar” hill near Horice, where he set up an international sculpture symposium 40 years ago. We are then taken among the portraits of the Czech avant-garde from the late fifties and early sixties that catapulted this young graduate from the Academy of Arts to the forefront of the Czech sculptor scene. We are taken among the collection of stone crosses that were built by people who had sinned and then created these as an act of repentance (Preclik dedicated one of his publications to this subject), and finally to the old granary in the grounds of Bechyne chateau that houses majority of his statues… (28 mins)

Camera: František Hanák, Miroslav Souček
Script and directed by: Martin Slunečko
© Czech TV and Martin Slunečko – NIKÉ TV Production 2006, broadcasted by Czech TV in 2006,2007